We Are Nexus

We are proud to introduce you to our new group brand – Nexus.


We have created a new identity; one that brings together our existing brands – OCB & OIM – along with the recent addition to our family of companies, Kuiper.


As Nexus Group, we operate as a collection of brands with a shared purpose; to power performance together.

As a group, we are a world class provider of managed manpower services. Our business is based on people: from office staff, to our crews, to business development teams and account managers. But, our collective aim is simple and that is to power performance for our clients by working together towards a shared goal.

Nexus (noun)

  1. A connection or series of connections linking two or more things
  2. A central or focal point

Since I joined the business, we have been working hard to define both the vision and the culture that will drive our group of brands forward into the future.

Our vision is to be a world-class, leading provider of integrated managed manpower services.

Our new name and our new identity are designed to embody our vision and our collaborative culture.

We have centred our entire brand around our people – because they are by far the most valuable part of our brand. They are our brand.

Our working environments bring people together through office designs that encourage collaboration, open communication and transparency.

Our communications will have our people at the heart – bringing our brand to life through human-centred storytelling (onshore & offshore). A good example of this is the video that was put together for our internal brand launch, featuring stories from members of our team around the world.

We are extremely proud of the team we have and the culture we have developed. We are also fortunate to work with many great people around the world – clients, partners, suppliers and more. Together, we make the Nexus brand what it is and allow it to be all it can be.

IMG_3182 Christmas Lunch Dubai-AllTeam Dubai-OpsTeam IMG_0190 IMG_0215 IMG_0214 IMG_0205

And of course, we provide a service – a managed manpower service. We will continue to invest in our service delivery, ensuring that our database of workers is maintained at a level of quality that we expect for ourselves and for our clients, that our processes are efficient and communication is effective. We will continue to work with our clients in many corners of the globe to power performance together.

Our brand is designed around a clear purpose, with people at the centre. If you’re reading this, our brand has been designed around you.  We are experiencing one of the toughest markets in a very long time, but we’re looking forward, we’re looking ahead and building a brand that takes us well into the future and powers performance together.

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This article was written by George Gourlay, CEO of Nexus Group.