Welcome to the family Kuiper

I’m pleased to announce that at the end of January, we (Nexus) acquired 100% of Kuiper International Pte Ltd.

Kuiper is a dominant player in the offshore construction and maintenance services segment, with a particular stronghold in both APAC and Australia. Whilst OCB is well established across the markets that it operates in, including; South America, Africa, Saudi Arabia, India and some parts of APAC, this latest acquisition gives us a stronger foothold in the fast-growing APAC region and Australia. The Kuiper acquisition is key to both our growth and diversifications strategies, the purchase is in line with our strategy of complementing our organic growth with strategic acquisitions from different sectors of our industry.

The Kuiper business model of providing complete crews to the Construction sector of the Oil & Gas Industry fits well with that of Nexus’ ‘Total Management Basis’. By partnering with Kuiper in what is currently a very tough market, with lows of under $30 a barrel, we are looking to provide both existing and new customers with the benefits of our economies of scale and deliver the most cost effective solutions for their crew management needs. In the lead up to the acquisition, Kuiper has already proven how aligned it is with the existing OCB modus operandi and strategy, and I can speak for all the Nexus Group team when I say that we look forward to having them on board to work with us in achieving our future goals.

To find out more about OCB & Kuiper, please click on the websites below:

www.ocbme.com / www.kuiperinternational.com